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From an initial audit firm with only about 10 employees, after nearly 5 years of operation, AFA Auditing and Valuation Co., Ltd. with a rapid development speed, has risen to lead the regional sales. Central Region - Central Highlands, among the top 25 largest auditing companies in the country, the number of employees is more than 100. In parallel with the development of business activities, the life of AFA staff and employees has been constantly improved, both physically and mentally. The company has agreed to select Vietnam Family Day 28.6 every year as AFA Family Day - a day to honor the sacred family values, warm, the day for AFA great family to gather and gather with colleagues. and family.

Following the tradition of the past years, this AFA Family Day 2019, AFA has organized a 3-day-2-night vacation for all employees and their families (with a total of more than 260 members) in Le Belhamy Hoi An Resort & Spa, AFA members and their families participated in the exciting Team Building program on the sun and windy beach, enjoying the tree and flower-filled space, and enjoying the experience. facilities of the resort such as private beach, swimming pool, badminton court, table tennis, billiards, pool, spa ... Also here, AFA held a spectacular Gala_Dinner_2019 Night with a ceremony to honor AFA's children to achieve well in the school year 2018-2019 with the unique, explosive, unforgettable performances.

- Following a vacation at Le Belhamy is a fun trip at Vinpearl Nam Hoi An. Gorgeous - Vivid - Eye-catching, that is the feeling of every member when coming to this amusement park.

- The annual vacation of AFA is a cultural beauty of the Company, an occasion to honor the sustainable spiritual values, tighten the solidarity and mutual assistance of members of AFA Big Family. The organization of a safe, happy and warm trip for the delegation of more than 260 members is a great effort of the Organizing Committee, as well as showing the care of the Board of Directors to the spiritual life of all public officials. employee.

- On this occasion, AFA also would like to thank the Cat Viet Travel Company, Le Belhamy Resort & Spa, and the restaurants and partners for successfully organizing this vacation.

Here are some pictures of the event.
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Facing the complicated situation of the epidemic in Vietnam in general and Da Nang in particular, AFA would like to inform in detail the measures that AFA is applying to prevent the Covid-19 epidemic so that Customers / partners can conveniently when contact
Ladies are beautiful flowers, giving life more brilliant, for AFA forever fresh. Following the Company's traditional culture, International Women's Day 8/3 is an opportunity to cherish and honor the pink balls in AFA family.
In the warm atmosphere of the first working day in Canh Ty New Year 2020, on the morning of January 30, 2020, at the AFA Auditing and Appraisal Company Limited, the New Year's Eve meeting was held. AFA director with all officers and employees.
AFA announces the Lunar New Year holiday schedule 2020
Happy New Year 2020
On the evening of December 18, at the Hanoi National Convention Center, Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union Central Committee, the Vietnam Youth Union Central Committee and the Vietnam Young Entrepreneurs Central Committee celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Red Star Award. (1999-2019)
After 5 years, AFA has become the largest auditing company in the Central region, Central Highlands and is the company with 2 services: auditing the financial statements of completed projects and appraising asset prices (only calculated in Auditing firms providing valuation services) are in the top 10 of Vietnam;
In harmony with the atmosphere to celebrate the 89th anniversary of the Vietnamese Women's Day, this morning, October 19, 2019, AFA Auditing and Valuation Co., Ltd. bustled to organize activities to honor the AFA roses.
The company's management always considers employees as the core strength of AFA, so taking care of employees' lives is always a top concern, not only in material but also in the spiritual life.
Mr. Pham Quang Trung was born in 1979, hometown in Thanh Hoa. He holds a bachelor's degree in accounting from the Finance Academy, Master of Accounting, Vietnam Auditor (CPA).
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