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89 years ago, on October 20, 1930, the Women's Association to betray Vietnam (now the Vietnam Women's Union) was officially established. To mark this important event, the Communist Party of Vietnam has decided to make October 20 every year as a traditional day for this organization, and it is also considered a day to celebrate and honor Vietnamese women, named as Vietnam Women's Day.

Vietnam Women's Day 20/10 has become a fine tradition of the nation, a day to honor grandmothers, mothers, sisters, and girls - unyielding in the war, resourceful and courageous. in peacetime. As Uncle Ho once said, "Giang painted brocade in Vietnam is due to Vietnamese women, young and old, weaving and adding to the good, brilliant".

In the atmosphere of the 89th Anniversary of Vietnam Women's Day, this morning, October 19, 2019, AFA Auditing and Valuation Co., Ltd. bustled to organize activities to honor AFA's roses with the subject * * WOMEN IS TO LOVE **

- First of all, Mr. Nguyen Trung Dung - Deputy General Director of AFA on behalf of the Board of Directors gives flowers and souvenir gifts to each AFA employee.

- Afterwards, AFA would like to send you sauna and massage treatments and beauty and relaxation at An Spa Sauna & Massage.

- Finally, the sisters had an informal lunch at Saigon Saigon Restaurant, the company leadership also shared the joy on the anniversary.

This is an opportunity for the sisters to have moments of relaxation, comfort, set aside worries in work and daily life, and share a conversation and have fun and peace.

‼ ️This series of activities represents the mind of the Board of Directors of the company: women are to love and cherish. Each female employee is a flower in the AFA flower garden, always cared for, facilitated in work and life, to promote their full potential, and always exudes a sense of blooming.

Also on this occasion, AFA Auditing and Appraisal Co., Ltd. would like to send the best wishes to all customers, partners are sisters, wishing you forever beautiful, healthy and radiant happy!

Here are some pictures of the event.

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